Custom Components & node modules

Conquering the front end

When installing neoan3, you might have noticed that it ships with a component called CustomElement. This component is used to showcase the possibility to include javascript components (we are using a native webcomponent in order to avoid any dependency of a JS framework).

Why is this a question of routing?

Neoan3 routes node_module paths through its core, making two very unique functionalities possible:

Browser imports
In modern javascript, scripts require files which again have dependencies of their own. This creates a scenario in which an interpreted language like javascript has to be compiled to run. Neoan3, when used correctly, can eliminate this need. Since this isn't a javascript framework or tutorial, the interested person might want to look at the core files .htaccess, /_neoan3/base/Node.php and /_neoan/base/FileServe.php.

Server side rendered javascript
Additionally, it enables you to use javascript as a template, allowing dynamic variables, code and conditionals to be influenced before being delivered to the client. This allows to enhance security and minimizing requests.