Core concepts

PHP & MySQL are still dominating the web with no end in sight. With the experience of decades in a changing world wide web, the combination produces the world's most reliable and maintainable applications.


Unlike many other frameworks, routing follows a simple and easy to learn pattern, allowing you to rapidly develop APIs, SSR pages or hybrid solutions.


With neoan3, testing finally is not only easy, but highly automated. Continuous Integration, Coverage reporting and test generation are only some of the things you will never have to worry about.

Development speed

At the end of the day, the production cycle defines margin. This holds true for corporations as well as the single freelancer. With this in mind, neoan3's biggest advantage is speed.


Inexperience, long working hours, time pressure - whatever the reason, security is an important topic and cannot be left to the coder's ability to account for all eventualities. Neoan3 uses abstraction layers that make it virtually impossible to neglect common threats.

Page speed

When we say fast, we mean it. This documentation (which is of course built with neoan3) reaches a perfect score on Google PageSpeed with a complete delivery within 1.1 s and the first contentful paint after 0.9 s.


No project is a silo. With collaboration, reusability and adaptability in mind, migrating components of your application is as easy as it gets. Never reinvent the wheel again!