Expanding functionality of Neoan3

Many functionalities of Neoan3 make use of third party or external tools. When part of the framework, they use the namespace Neoan3\Apps. However, the way autoloading works enables you to use nearly any composer package and use it within the framework. Apps are stand-alone solutions that do not require neoan3 nor does neoan3 require them. However, creating a new project will ship with the following packages:

Bundled apps

neoan3-template (default template engine)

neoan3-db (default mysql wrapper)

neoan3-stateless (JWT-implementation)

Recommended apps

neoan3-ops (default string & encryption handler)

neoan3-session (session handler)

Find apps on GitHub

Practical Application

Regardless of what source you use, you only have to add what you need. There are two main governing principles to creating a Neoan3 App:

1. It is good practice to have the naming convention be neoan3-{{appName}}, albeit not required

2. Build agnostic from the framework. This is to make it possible to use in other frameworks.