TIP: Worry-free options
The neoan3 GitHub organization offers docker and vagrant setups to enable a "zero-configuration" start.

Before you start

neoan3 uses common web technologies in order to facilitate a reliable yet simple setup. We encourage local development ( and mention that in 2024 as neoan3's structure enables you to directly work on live systems ).

neoan3 is designed for Apache & Nginx but setup is easiest on Apache.



MySQL or MariaDB
PHP7 (min. 7.4, ^8 recommended)
xDebug (optional, recommended on local system only)

Installed tools



Ensure PATH variable

Make sure all commands work properly and are added to PATH.
composer -V
git --version
node -v
npm -v

The cli tool

While you do not need neoan3-cli, it helps you a lot. You can install it globally via composer global require neoan3/neoan3.

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